We honor fallen firefighters and serve our community through traditional pipes and drums performances,

KGW News: "Portland Fire Fighters Pipes and Drums Band Is Thriving"

VA Hospital, Memorial Day 2021

VA Hospital, Memorial Day 2021

News and Updates

Since our first public performance on Memorial Day 2021, we have been very busy.  We have piped and drummed for three Line of Duty Death ceremonies, multiple firefighter funerals, the annual David Campbell Memorial honoring fallen Portland firefighters, the twenty year 9/11 remembrance at Waterfront Park, the Oregon State Fallen Firefighter ceremony, a St. Patrick's Day celebration, our fire and police retirement banquet, opening ceremonies for two fire service conventions, a park dedication in honor of a fallen Navy SEAL, and various other sporting and public events.  We are proud to have successfully represented our fellow Portland firefighters and IAFF Local 43 in our joint mission to honor the fallen and serve the public.